The Book of Revelation


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The Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation is the revealing of the events surrounding the return of Jesus, the Messiah and King of Kings, to the Earth. And yet, this Book reveals things past, things present, and things to come (Revelation 1:19). While the Book was penned by John the Apostle, one of the “Sons of Thunder,” it is the “Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ” delivered through John (Revelation1:1).

This book is closely connected to the Book of Genesis. While Genesis tells of the beginning of this age—this week of millennia—the Book of Revelation unveils the story of its end. And it reveals to us how the mind of God saw the end from the beginning.

What the Book of Daniel is in the Old Testament, the Book of Revelation is in the New Testament. While showing the important place of Israel in its unfolding, Revelation gives a picture of the events that must take place to fulfill the prophecies that have been delivered throughout the centuries.

The culmination of this volume is the celebration of the glorious marriage of Jesus’ glorious Bride. It includes a brief description of the final outcome of those who will follow Him and of those who won’t.

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