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Dr. Billye Brim’s life call is a witness “of things she has seen and heard” (Acts 26:16). From over 40 years of experience, she brings witness to you in a school setting. 3BI is unique in that classes are based squarely on the Bible with emphasis on its one-half to two-thirds prophetic content.

Together, and from many sources, 3BI brings life to Bible Prophecy—which is not just a dull seminary class but is the prediction and fulfillment of “the living breathing Word of God” revealed by the Prophets as a “Light Shining in a Dark Place” (2 Peter 2:19-21).



“Oh what a Planner, Oh what a Plan.”
– Dr. Billye Brim

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Women and the Word of God

When “in the beginning” God created man in His image, He made one being. That being reflected His fullness. The Lord then took woman out of the man, and they became two separate beings. Even though they were now separate beings, only together did they reflect the fullness of the image of God.

Dr. Billye Brim examines the belief of many parts of the Body of Christ that the Word of God tells women to “keep silent.” God revealed to Pastor Buddy Harrison that making women “keep silent” was equivalent to silencing half of His voice in the Earth. “But,” as Dr. Brim asserts, “in a glorious church, every member in it is to be proclaiming Jesus Christ, risen from the dead.”

In this course, “Women and the Word of God,” we will see why a doctrine that silenced so many for so long had a faulty foundation and look at the truths that bring restoration to that structure.

We will examine the Word to see the roles in which women functioned and how the Lord used them in His plan. We will see some remarkable examples of people whom God used to bring Him glory in female bodies.

Take a Virtual Tour of Israel with Dr. Billye Brim

This course is open to all. No prerequisite course required!

No prerequisite course required

Dr. Billye Brim’s Virtual Israel Tour

See Israel as never before! With Dr. Brim’s 40+ years of experience studying and learning the land and the people you will get to tour and encounter Israel in a first-class video production from the comfort of your home.


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