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Dr. Billye Brim’s Virtual Israel Tour

See Israel as never before! With Dr. Brim’s 40+ years of experience studying and learning the land and the people you will get to tour and encounter Israel in a first-class video production from the comfort of your home.

No pre-requisite required to participate in the Virtual Israel Tour course.


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The World That Then Was

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In The Beginning

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Bereishit Part 1: The World that Then Was | 201

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Eschatology: Rightly Dividing the Word Now Open for Enrollment $150 $200
Beresheit: The World That Then Was Now Open For Enrollment $150 $200
Beresheit: In the Beginning 02 Now Open for Enrollment $150 $200
Virtual Israel Tour with Billye Brim Now Open for
$250 $300
The Book of Daniel Now Open for Enrollment $200 $250
The Book of Revelation Now Open for Enrollment $200 $250
The Book of Ephesians Now Open for Enrollment $200 $250
The Book of Ezekiel Now Open for Enrollment $200 $250
The Book of Zechariah Now Open for Enrollment $300 $350
Watching the Fig Tree | Part 1 Now Open for Enrollment $200 $250
Women and the Word of God Now Open for Enrollment $200 $250