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Dr. Billye Brim’s Virtual Israel Tour

See Israel as never before! With Dr. Brim’s 40+ years of experience studying and learning the land and the people you will get to tour and encounter Israel in a first-class video production from the comfort of your home.

No pre-requisite required to participate in the Virtual Israel Tour course.


The following courses are also available now for immediate enrollment.

Courses 1-3 must be taken in order.
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Rightly Dividing The Word

Eschatology: Rightly Dividing the Word is an introduction to prophecy in Scripture. The Bible—the Word of God—is God’s plan, and we need to know where we fit in it. This course will establish foundational principles of Bible interpretation that will guide how we understand and apply the Scriptures in general and Bible prophecy in particular.


The World That Then Was

Much of the Bible is prophetic in nature. In Bereishit: The World That Then Was (see 2 Peter 3:6), we will examine the creation of the cosmos and of man. We will see the fall of Lucifer and the fall of man. And we will explore God’s plan to make himself and His plan of redemption known through His Chosen People, the Jews.

Bereishit Part 2

In The Beginning

The concept of covenant permeates the Scriptures from cover to cover. In this course, Bereishit: In The Beginning, we will examine the establishment of God’s covenant relationship as it related to both Am Israel (the people of Israel) and Eretz Israel (the land of Israel). Special attention will be given to a study of the word chesed.

The Book of Daniel

The Book of Daniel is a unique blend of historical narrative and prophecy of history yet to come. In the first half of the Book, Daniel tells how God used him during the Babylonian Captivity and how he was able to stand firm in the midst of a pagan culture. In the second half of the Book, Daniel looks into the future and speaks of events important especially to the Jews. He goes so far as to give a timeline for the coming of Israel’s Messiah.