Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Enrollment Questions

How long does it take to complete the course?

You may proceed at your own pace. Finish the course in one long day, or spread it out over several days or weeks. Each session contains a video which lasts about 1 hour. You must complete the session video before you can advance to the next session. Once all sessions have been completed you will have a test to complete.

May I watch each lesson more than once? Can I go back and review previous lessons even though I have moved on to a subsequent lesson within that series?

Yes. You may go back and view previous lessons as often as you like.

Is there a printed version of the student notebook that can be ordered and shipped?

Currently, there is not a printed version of the student notebook that can be ordered and shipped. You can view and print the PDF version of the notebook that is included with the course.

How do I receive the course? Is it a download I can return to for reference later?

Billye Brim Bible Institute is an online course. You must be connected to the internet to access the course lessons and videos. The videos are not downloadable, but you may return to the online course as often as you wish to view the videos and lessons.

Is there a payment plan?

Sorry, no. Course tuition is payable in-full prior to accessing the online sessions.

What type of payment do you accept?

Payment must be made by credit card, debit card, or prepaid debit card. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are accepted.

Do I need to login before I purchase a course?

You do not need to login prior to purchasing a course. Simply select the “Purchase This Course” button while viewing the course page and complete the checkout procedure.

During the checkout process you will be setting up an account and selecting a password. After completing the checkout payment process you will be automatically logged in.

I'm having trouble getting the videos to stream without hanging up or buffering. What is causing this?

The trouble is most likely your internet speed, or lack thereof. Typically, you need a minimum download speed of 3 Megabits per second to watch a single video stream in clear, standard definition.

To check your internet speed you can visit and check the results.

If your download stream is less than 3 MBPS it may be time to consider an upgrade in your internet speed from your service provider, or you may also try visiting a local coffee shop to take advantage of their wifi service. (Just an option.)

What's the difference between the Standard Student Enrollment and the College Credit Student Enrollment?

The course and test is identical for the Standard Student and the College Credit Student enrollments. Those who choose the course for College Credit will be issued college credits for their successful completion of the course.

How many credits does this course have? How many credits do you need to graduate?

The first 4 courses will be offered at 2 college credits each. Future courses will be 3 credits. It takes 60 credits for an Associate degree in Biblical Studies, which is the first degree we will be offering.

What additional courses are scheduled?

The following courses are scheduled. These classes must be taken in order.

Eschatology: Rightly Dividing The Word Now Open for Enrollment $150 $200
Beresheit: The World That Then Was TBA $150 $200
Beresheit: In the Beginning 02 TBA $150 $200
Israel: The Chosen People. The Promised Land. TBA $150 $200
The Chosen People and the Promised Land: The Patriarchs and the Twelve Tribes TBA $200 $250

Still Have Questions?

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