Watching the Fig Tree | Part 1


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Watching the Fig Tree | Part 1

As a student of Billye Brim Bible Institute, you have been called to “such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). This is the time about which Jesus was speaking in Luke 21 when He said, “Behold the fig tree and all the trees. When they now shoot forth, ye see and know …” He told us, as Dr. Billye Brim put it, “that the sign of His coming is the fig tree—Israel.” So as we have seen Israel bud and sprout leaves in returning to her Promised Land, our response is to watch her, so that we can discern the “signs of the times.”

The purpose of this class is to delve into the past in order to observe how the “fig tree” began—as a witness to God’s existence. Also, we will consider God’s dealings with His people and how He prophetically described the outcomes of whichever path they would choose. We will look at macro examples of God’s plan for the future of Israel, as in the Book of Jeremiah. We will also take a close look at some specific individuals who had a big impact on the re-creation of the State of Israel as she began to fulfill God’s promise of “Ingathering.”

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PLEASE NOTE: This course, Watching the Fig Tree Part 1, is the first course of three total courses that comprise the Watching the Fig Tree curriculum.

  • Each course is an independent, in-depth study for which a student will earn 5 college credits.
  • If a student completes all three courses successfully, they will receive 15 credits.
  • Each Watching the Fig Tree course (1, 2 and 3) must be purchased separately.
  • It is not necessary to take all three courses, but it is highly recommended to take all three and take them in succession.

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  • You must watch each video in its entirety before you are able to proceed to the next session.
  • Once all sessions are completed you will need to complete and satisfactorily pass the course quiz to gain class credit.

SESSION TIME: Approx. 1 hour per session
COURSE QUIZ: 20-30 minutes to complete
STUDENT NOTEBOOK: Downloadable PDF provided upon course purchase

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Before beginning this course, students must have previously purchased and completed the following:

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Standard Student Enrollment: $200
College Credit Student Enrollment: $250 (Available College Credits: 5)